name michael hill age, dob 37, march 11, 1979 birthplace redondo beach, ca residence philadelphia, pa occupation owner of the marching hops, thief status single

The life of Michael Hill was a life that was filled with mostly downs, with very little ups. The only child of a booming businessman and his beautiful wife, Michael was a rather mischievous child. From the moment he was born he was causing trouble and wreaking havoc on his parent’s lives, which would only continue as he grew. The terrible two’s would carry on and the two wondered if their little boy would ever settle down. As much as they wanted other children, they could barely handle the one that they had and so any thoughts of that were put on the back burner.

When he got to school it was no better and it seemed that no teacher could control Michael. He was a class clown; often calling out in class before he was spoken to and generally causing a huge ruckus. He was also known to get into fights with the other children, despite the fact that he was small in size, and would often come out on the losing side of any battle that he was in. His parents certainly took notice of the fact that they were always hearing from the school regarding his bad behavior and they would often punish him, thinking that he was just a rambunctious sort of child.

High school was no better for him and things only seemed to escalate. Michael was trying drugs, out late at night with girls, and basically became a headache not only for his parents but other people's parents. Once Michael's parents decided they needed to step in and intervene and they took him to the doctor, to see if there was anything wrong with him. Physically, he was fine, but he was not fine mentally. After a barrage of tests, Michael was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. It certainly explained his bizarre behavior throughout the years and they started psychotherapy and put him on mood stabilizers almost immediately. The treatment seemed to work, although Michael began to feel that he was only a shell of the human being he once was. Once he was finished with high school, he decided he was going to see the world, which meant he could get off the medication and out of the watchful eye of his parents. Even though they had threatened to cut him off financially, he didn't care, he hopped in a car and started travelling across the United States.

Since he had little to no money, Michael had to learn how to take care of himself and he turned into quite the thief to keep himself alive. Of course, at first, it meant getting caught stealing from little mom and pop stores where they didn't press charges. However, once he became skilled, he was able to eventually start stealing as a way to survive. It helped that he very rarely was in one place very long and he finally made his way across the country, deciding that it was time to settle down in New York City for a while, with enough cash to get himself a small studio apartment.

Then he got word that his parents had died in a car accident, leaving him as the sole beneficiary for all of their money. Instead of blowing it on some fancy place in New York, he decided to move to Philadelphia so he could open a bar, that he would call The Marching Hops. It seemed like a great idea at the time and then something strange happened in 2015. Suddenly, he remembered that he was The March Hare from Alice in Wonderland and nothing made sense. Briefly, he thought about perhaps going back into therapy or back on meds but when he realized that his best friend was actually the Mad Hatter, it all seemed to make sense. It didn't matter, though, nothing in his life really changed. He had a thriving bar, he had a lot of cash, and he was still stealing to get his way. So what if he was a little mad? He always was anyway.


The March Hare (just like everyone else in Wonderland) is mad. The hare is best friends with the Mad Hatter and enjoys tea just as much as him. Although they are close and both insane, March Hare seems to be a bit more loud, rude and wild than the Hatter who is a bit more gentleman like. Besides the Cheshire Cat, the March Hare seems to be the only one not to have a true fear of the Queen of Hearts being that he was capable of screaming in her face "Nothing Whatever!"

Based on both March Hare in the Disney cannon, as well as Mad March from Syfy's Alice.
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